China's Future MEGAPROJECTS (2019-2050's)

China's Future MEGAPROJECTS (2019-2050's)

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China is embracing megaprojects at an unprecedented rate and will - over the course of a few decades - complete a phase of infrastructure that will rival what the United States has built in its entire history. More information on China's Future Mgaprojects: Subscribe to TDC for more videos like this: Like our page on Facebook Join us on Google+ Follow us on Twitter Music: "Electro Sketch" - YouTube's Audio Library "Klockworx" - YouTube's Audio Library "Eighties Action" - YouTube's Audio Library "Heavy Interlude" Source: Artist: "Voyeur" - Jingle Punks - YouTube Audio Library "All This Scoring Action" All This - Scoring Action by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: "Tremsz" - Gunnar Olsen - YouTube Audio Library "Dream" - Elka "Ambitions" - Glimpse

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