Musicoin Roadmap Animated - shared from Musicoin Tv

Musicoin Roadmap Animated - shared from Musicoin Tv


A quick bitesize video to show our roadmap animated! Listen to Hanso on Musicoin: About Musicoin Musicoin is a digital currency that designed to support the creation, publication, and consumption of music as a cycle. The system uses a special algorithm to generate a currency called Musicoin (MC), as well as another algorithm to support automated contracts ("smart contracts") which enable creators and consumers to exchange value in a frictionless environment. With a unique currency and a solid contract system, large scale transactions around music becomes possible. Universal Basic Income (UBI) has made it possible for listeners to listen for free and musicians to upload and share their music for free as its paid by Musicoin (MC) miners. Each play for your music is rewarded with one Musicoin, this can be exchanged for fiat money. Find out more here: Sign up today: Follow us on Twitter: Facebook:

Stanton Moore - Sprung Monkey

Stanton Moore - Sprung Monkey performed live in Athens at Rockwood live bar on the 14th of june 2017. Stanton Moore Drums Babis Tyropoulos Guitar Asterios Papa

Lazy - Deep Purple intro on Clavia Nord C2d

Lazy - Deep Purple intro on Clavia Nord C2d

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Mobility Roadmap Animation

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