How To Build A Portable Train Horn

How To Build A Portable Train Horn


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What Train Horn is the Loudest?

In today's video we go all out with thousands of dollars of test equipment and test over 20+ horns from different manufacturers to see if their claims hold up t


Instagram: Shirts: Learn how I made a super fast jet (EDF) powered bicycle! This device uses two hi

Corne de Brume / Ship horn - Custom Kockums SuperTyfon

Presentation in English below. Sound at 6.00. Kockums SuperTyfon MKT 150/110, Malmö, Sweden. J'ai terminé mon projet de corne de brume roulante et le résu

Train Horn Pranks "You Mad Bro" (COPS)


DIY Airtank

I needed a high volume airtank to inflate my tubeless Mountain bike tires. I don't have access to an air compressor so I built an airtank out of an old fire ext

Train Horn 6

Train Horn scares and reactions

How To Install Kleinn Bolt-On Train Horn Kit on a 2010 Silverado

This is a video showing how to install the new Kleinn Automotive Air Horns GMTRK1 bolt-on train horn kit. More information can be found at: www.f

HOW TO: Make Your Own Train Horns for $5!!! In-Depth Tutorial- Part 5, Diaphragm

Part 5 in my train horn tutorial series. This will be a multi-part video tutorial series detailing how to build your own super loud train horns out of PVC and o

PVC Train Horn hints and tips

This is a video showing the beginning of how to make a PVC train horn. We break down the parts needed and go over some things we have learned to build a great h

How To Make A Fog Horn - Easy PVC Design

How to make a simple Air Horn. These horns are LOUD! They can be scaled up as I show in the video, but be aware that the bigger you make them the more air they

Locomotive horn collector air system NOT for pranks or scaring (Big air for a big horn)

[CLICK THE SHOW MORE BUTTON] Showing off my 32 gallon train horn air set up, and explaining how everything works. Brought out my S5T, which I turned into an R

How to make an air tank from used fire extinguisher

Using an old fire extinguisher and an air pressure gauge you cane make a portable small air tank that you can use for emergency situation to fill your car,bike,

PVC train horns explained

This is a follow up of our last video. We show you the new horn that we have just built. Here is the link to the exploded view of what each horn looks like: h

homemade pvc train horns part 2

pvc train horns

How to make a pvc train horn

Please Subscribe!! (: here is what you will need to build these horns

Air horns turned into true train horns!

Cheap air horns modified and made into true sounding train horns! Please forgive my kuntry slang/accent and my verbal pauses as I made this video on the fly an

Ship Horn Truck at TCSP.m4v

We met this man while camping at Traverse City state Park. He had rigged his flat bed pick up truck with all kinds of ship and train horns, all hooked up to a

Homemade 153db super loud bicycle air horn

This is my homemade 153 decibels bicycle air horn, great for when drivers pull out in front of me which happens too often 150db air horn

55-gallon train horn

Made out of 55 gallon drum and a five gallon bucket and a sonotube

NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

This horn is SO courteous my car was granted Canadian citizenship yesterday. FREE Audio Book- A review of all the books I've