Freelancer Music: Bretonia Space

Freelancer Music: Bretonia Space

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Freelancer Music: Omicron Space

Freelancer Music: Kusari Space

Sonus Lab - Interstellar Travel [SpaceAmbient]

📡 SONUS LAB is a Space Ambient Electronic Sound-Project that started in the year 2011 in Wuppertal Germany. Sonus Lab creates the finest relaxing Spacesounds

Freelancer Music: Liberty Space

Freelancer Soundtrack (Full)

Freelancer OST. Composers: James Hannigan, Andrew Sega, Visual Music 0:00 Liberty Space Suite 4:05 Bretonia Space Suite 8:19 Kusari Space Suite 14:24 Rheinland

Freelancer Music: Tau Space

Mass Effect: The Normandy Theme (Extra Long Extended Version)

A wonderful theme from Mass Effect that I wanted to have in my music collection, but I wanted it to be a lot longer as well. So I extended it myself and here it

Freelancer Soundtrack [19] - Bretonia Space


Freelancer - OST

Music by James Hannigan, Andrew G. Sega, and the members of Visual Music: Tom Seufert, Cato, Kelly, Grinsfelder and Kitajima. Tracks: 00:00 Liberty Space Suit

Freelancer Soundtrack [01] - Liberty Space



© Fragments is now available for purchase on Bandcamp. Just click on the link below. If you wish to support m

Ambient Mix - Astral Travel Beyond Deep Space

Ambient and Space Ambient music mix. Tracklist: 01. Steve Roach - Dream Body (0:00) 02. Andrew Forrest - Liquid Light (11:00) 03. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins

Freelancer Music: Discordant psych Extended

No Short Version

Freelancer Soundtrack [29] - Tau Space


Star Citizen Soundtrack - Freelancer by Pedro Camacho

Become a Star Citizen with to get 5000 credits free Freelancer by Pedro Camacho This trac

Freelancer Soundtrack [33] - Planet Kyushu


Murder Mystery Music - Background

Music composed as background to a Murder Mystery event. This was a small project and this music was used in the background. Please visit my Soundcloud for more:

Black Ops 2 Soundtrack: Adrenaline

Melody Created my BigGiantCircles. You can find what he created on the link: Graphics and Images created be me. The

Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen Music- Wild Pokemon Battle

Music from the video games FireRed and LeafGreen.