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To buy the FZ2500 and support me click here To buy the FZ1000 and support me click here You decide! I will make this post short and sweet by covering the differences between the two and then talking about whos workflow will benefit from the upgrade. Plain and simple. To know about what the predecessor of the FZ2500 can do press this button and find out Spoiler alert. I bought the FZ2500 I myself chose the FZ2500 for video production reasons. Panasonic themselves said that the FZ2500 was basically an all-in-one GH4. It will, most likely serve as my B-cam but will also come in handy as a high end scouting cam, a vlogging camera (when my muscles are up to selfie stick task) and, as crazy as it may seem, as a Sometimes A-cam. What has Panasonic added? Here is a quick list of the big advancements. Depending on your workflow and what you do, some might be more important to you than others What the FZ2500/2000 now offers that the FZ1000 did not offer Touchscreen More telephoto reach Headphone jack Integrated ND filters Faster jpeg shooting Side lens function buttons better tripod mount screw placement Better memory card placement Dual adjustment rings on the lens Higher touchscreen resolution Upgradable in-camera log codecs Conclusion form an avid FZ1000 fan If you are looking for a stills upgrade, you might even be a tad disappointed by this new release, as its predecessor was already state of the art. You are not gaining that much. Some of the stills improvements are post focus capabilities, focus stacking, and a slightly quicker burst rate in JPEG mode. You also get a greater zoom range (From 24-400mm on the FZ1000 to 24-480mm on the FZ2500/2000). But you also lose a couple of things like overall compactness and light weight. Although the FZ1000 was not the lightest or the smallest of cameras, the FZ2500 takes on both girth and weight. These are the symptoms of adding so many amazing video features to this camera. Other advantages of the FZ1000 is that you get fantastic photo and pretty amazing video features for a quickly plummeting price. Most of the advantages of upgrading to the FZ2500/2000 involve video capabilities. Like new amazing strides in 1080p bit depth, 4-2-2 8 bit and 10bit output on HDMI for external recorders and unlimited recording time when recording internally. There is now an ND filter with 4 steps 1/4, 1/16 and 1/64 and auto. All huge improvements for anyone working on a video workflow. Ergonomic strides are small but cool for both stills and video makers alike. The battery door has been pushed away from the tripod mount screw, memory card access is on the side, and no less than 3 assignable function buttons have been placed on the side of the lens. Now manual rings are dual and assignable. What you should chose Sometimes the answer to a question is shorter than you think. With this upgrade this is the case. With my video workflow, the choice is simple. Upgrade the FZ2500/2000 now! For those in the stills department, I would have to tell you to strongly consider saving some money and opting for the FZ1000 Link to the blog To follow me:

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