ECORASTER [ecogrid] How-To-Build-A-Green-Driveway

ECORASTER [ecogrid] How-To-Build-A-Green-Driveway

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Archived video of ECORASTER® E-50 being used to quickly and easily create a long-lifed green (porous) porous driveway. ECORASTER® outlasts any other type of paving, while requiring substantially less site preparation than any other type of pavement surface material - often the only preparation required is to remove the existing surface (if the existing surface is asphalt or concreter or another low-quality paving surface). * This DIY video/documentary.was originally produced by a previous ECORASTER® authorized distributor in the United Kingdom. At that time, ECORASTER® was known by the registered trademark/tradename "ecogrid®." This product is, and has always been, known by the internationall registered trademark "ecoraster®" - as it is today. ** Some of the installation recommendations in this video are either (i) not advised, or (ii) never advised. Those segments (in the original format) which advised the use of geotextiles or filter fabrics/membranes have been commented. This original video in its entirety is presented in its original length + format out of respect for its original producer. Please ask us for installation recommendations for your project. Example: we have found that the use of filter fabrics (also called "geotextiles" or "membranes") is rarely if ever advised - because the filters will clog over time. By avoiding the use of any material or medium which will clog by design (i.e. "to filter" = "to clog"), the correctly installed ECORASTER® porous paver elements will provide long-lasting permeability for the protection of the environment both locally and globally.

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