The Siberian Express Train Horns

The Siberian Express Train Horns


Mounted Siberian Express train horns and air compressor on 2006 Dodge Ram 1500


What Train Horn is the Loudest?

In today's video we go all out with thousands of dollars of test equipment and test over 20+ horns from different manufacturers to see if their claims hold up t

Kleinn SDKIT-730 Demon Triple Train Horn Kit - Complete Installation

XDP installed the all new direct bolt-on Kleinn SDKIT-730 Demon Triple Train Air Horn Kit. Designed specifically for the 2011-2015 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke to inst

Locomotive horn collector air system NOT for pranks or scaring (Big air for a big horn)

[CLICK THE SHOW MORE BUTTON] Showing off my 32 gallon train horn air set up, and explaining how everything works. Brought out my S5T, which I turned into an R

How to Install a Train Horn

In this video I will show you just what all is involved in installing a real train horn into any passenger vehicle or truck. Follow this link to my previous vid

How to Install Train Horns Ford F-150 Motorz #23

Chris shows you how to install a real 180dB train horn kit on our project truck with 4 horns, a 3 gallon air tank and a 160 PSI air compressor. SUBSCRIBE FOR MO

Best Train Horn Kit

Click here -- Are you looking for the Best Train Horn Kit. We spent hours to find out the Best Train Horn Kit fo

Hornblasters OUTLAW Train Horns- LOUD!!

Testing out the OUTLAW train horn set from Hornblasters! Super loud, sound echos through the valley!

'Train Horn' On A Jeep Wrangler

This is an overview of the install of my Viair Ultra Light Duty onboard air system and my Wolo Model 847 Siberian Express 'Train Horn' that I installed on my 20

PVC Leslie 200 Train Locomotive Ship Air Horn

Thought I would share my latest creation with you train horn enthusiasts. It is a super sized version of my plans built train horns. I have the plans booklet fo

GAMPRO 12V 150db Chrome Zinc Dual Trumpet Air Horn Sound Sample

Amazon link:

NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

This horn is SO courteous my car was granted Canadian citizenship yesterday. FREE Audio Book- A review of all the books I've

Horn Blasters Rocker 2 Demo Train Horns

You can purchase your Horn Blaster Rocker 2 train horns here:

Trucker Train Horns On A Peterbilt Big Truck

Trucker Train Horns on a Peterbilt Large Car going Hoooonk Hoooonk by Hilbilly Nervous WrEcK Truckin Up Bebee Dossss!

Train horn install on truck

Overview of my train horn install on my F-250

HornBlasters!!! Train Horn in Scorpio!!! Public reaction

Train horn installed in Scorpio.. See the public reaction disclaimer :- This is copied video and we are not supporting or encouraging this type of Activity....


Give any truck the powerful sound of a train air horn. The SIBERIAN EXPRESS has been engineered with the latest technology using reinforced ABS. The sound pro


When a truck owner demands a ultra powerful horn, the CANNON BALL EXPRESS is the one to choose. Gives any truck a true train horn sound. Constructed of all meta

Air Horn Truck/Car SUPA LOUD TWO AIR COMPRESSORS Chrome Metal JGR-621

Video demonstration of the SUPA LOUD TWO AIR COMPRESSORS Chrome Metal Car/Truck Air Horn, part number JGR-621. This horn is available for purchase from www.trad

West Cable - Tehachapi Live Train Cam 1

Welcome to our CAM 1! You can find CAM 2 located at the Tehachapi Train Depot Museum here: JOIN US ON FACEBOOK! Post your train