Gravity Falls - Colors

Gravity Falls - Colors

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Thanks for watching! I don't own anything Artist - Kiki-kit Arts - Song: Halsey – Colors

Gravity Falls - Towards the Sun || Music Video

Warning: Spoilers for A Tale of Two Stans!! Here's a "Tale of Two Stans" music video I put together using a song by Rihanna, part of the Dreamwork's HOME soun

Castle- Gravity Falls Nightcore MV

!!!!!!! DISCLAIMER !!!!!!!!!! I do not own any of the pictures or the audio in this video!! Everything belongs to their respective owners!!! Hey guys!! I finall

Gravity Falls Youth

Inspired by this post: Artist: Daughter Song: Youth

OPEN UP YOUR EYES | svtfoe (animatic)

So, after three weeks of daily and continuous work, I made my first animatiс about Meteora's story. The idea originated long ago, so that not everything confo

Glad you came [South Park Creek] Animatic

Ahhhhh, sooo merry late christmas and happy early new year? Anyway, here is my first animatic, it took me a while but it's finally done!! I've always wanted to

Undertale - Castle (By Halsey) No Mercy Run

Did a comic, and decided to animate it. Enjoy. 3 Original Comic: The

Getting Stronger (Toffee, Lord Dominator, Bill Cipher) Sub Español

Un video echo de mis villanos favoritos de Getting Stronger una cancion que me encanto como para ponerla a villanos. link canción original:

Steven Universe AMV - "Waiting For Love"

Nearly half a million views on Hope of Morning? Jeez, you guys /// Thank you so much for all the support, really, truly. I actually started this AMV last year

[Rev!Falls] dressed up for a "Hit And Run"

Before you ask any questions loves, remember that the description exists for a reason. ;) I’ve been wanting to do a musical slideshow with this song - "Hit a

Everybody Knows // Undertale (Lyric Comic)

* You realize that it wasn't Chara who held the knife the whole time, it was actually you. The reason I haven't been uploading is because I've been forcing m

Bill ⚠ Dipper BillDip - DiRtY😈 AnGeL😇

Copyright Responsabilidad Bajo la Sección 107 de la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual de 1976, se tiene en cuenta para el "uso justo" para los propósitos tales com

「FULL MEP」Control

WARNING: VIOLENCE, BLOOD, DEATH. [ HD + Headphones ] - - - - - This project is finally done ;_; I'm so glad I've host this masterpiece guys! Thank you every

♫ Symphony ♫ (A Keith & Lance / Klance Animatic)

♫ Will you hold me tight and not let go? ♫ I might have gotten a bit carried away with this one, but I hope you like it (ノ´∀`*) ♦️ Music: Symph

Lapis Lazuli Tribute- Shatter Me


[Gravity Falls] Daughter - Youth

Hi guys! so this is my version/edit of kiki-kit's awesome work even if its a bit late already. This is also the first video of my new channel so expect videos l

「MAD」 Gravity Falls | ECHO

※Based heavily on mes' cover PV by ajimita and Michikora 'cause I love it so much and really fits Dipper's predicament. Please check out the original cover PV

Gravity Falls - Start of Time

I don't own anything Artist: Arts: Song: Gabrielle Aplin

Steven Universe AMV - "Hope of Morning"

Steven Universe makes me feel a lot of feelings so hopefully I can make you feel feelings too ♥ Series: Steven Universe Music: Icon For Hire - Hope of Mornin

One Woman Army: Star vs. The Forces of Evil AMV

*****Season 3 Final Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!****** Series: Star vs. the Forces of Evil Song; One Woman Army by Porcelain Black Enjoy~ Follow me on tumblr for m