Air Horn Installation

Air Horn Installation


Here's an instructional video on how to install an air horn in any vehicle. An air horn can be installed on any car or truck as an upgrade to your existing horn system. It produces a louder, lower tone than the wimpy stock horn on passenger cars, alerting other drivers and idiots. The kit used was a Fiamm 66025 Chrome Rivera horn. It comes with a 12V compressor/ air tank, low and high pitched horns, some 5/16" PVC tubing, a relay and mounting hardware. Installation is straight forward, though it will require some additional hardware, such as wire, spade connectors, a switch, heatshrink, and fabricated bracketry. The kit here was mounted on a 1/8" thick aluminum bar stock. It was cut to size and holes were drilled for the two horns compressor and its mounting point. It was bolted to a pre-existing hole in the radiator support, in front of the radiator. Mount the compressor and horns facing downward so water doesn't penetrate and sit inside. The wiring is straight forward - a fuse and relay should always be used to protect the circuitry and switch. 12V is run to the compressor, which then goes to a relay and then into the cabin to a switch. The relay was mounted on a bolt just under the right headlight. This kit was purchased from Princess Auto in Canada: Please check your local bylaws before using on the road.

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