The Knockout (1914) - Charlie Chaplin

The Knockout (1914) - Charlie Chaplin

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To show his girl how brave he is Fatty challenges the champion to a fight. Charlie referees, trying to avoid contact with the two monsters. 'The Knockout' (1914) was Charlie Chaplin's seventeenth film for Keystone Studios. Chaplin only has a small role, and Fatty Arbuckle takes up the main role (it is one of only a few films in which Chaplin's Little Tramp character appears in a secondary role; Chaplin doesn't even appear until the second half of the film). It also stars Arbuckle's wife, Minta Durfee, Edgar Kennedy and Keystone owner, Mack Sennett in a minor role as a spectator. The film was directed by Charles Avery, and made in 1914 in America. Directed by Charles Avery Produced by Mack Sennett Starring: Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle Minta Durfee Edgar Kennedy Charles Chaplin Frank Opperman Al St. John Hank Mann Mack Swain Cinematography - Frank D. Williams Distributed by Keystone Studios Release date - June 11, 1914 Creative Commons License: Public Domain #CharlieChaplin #movies #films

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Synopsis : Chaplin plays an escaped convict on the run from prison guards. He falls into favor with a wealthy family after he saves a young lady (Edna Purviance

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Trecho do filme "Tempos Modernos" do gênio a comédia, Charlie Chaplin. Nosso herói vai pra cadeia injustamente e logo faz novas amizades, porém, por um aca

A DOG'S LIFE (1918) -- Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance

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Charlie isn't the only tramp in the park this day. Released on March 18th, 1915. CHANGE BEFORE GOING PRODUCTIONS: http://

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Charles Caplin

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THE CHAMPION (1915) Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Bud Jamison, Leo White, Lloyd Bacon, Billy Armstrong, Paddy McGuire, Broncho Billy Anderson, Ben

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The New Janitor was the 27th comedy from Keystone Studios to feature Charlie Chaplin. The film is arguably one of his best for the studio, and a precursor to a


Charlie goes to the movies and falls in love with "The Keystone Girl" (Virginia Kirtley) on the screen. Directed by George Nichols and released on March 2, 191


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The first film appearance of Charles "Charlie" Chaplin's character, The Tramp. Note that this was not the first time Chaplin donned the famous costume - that oc