President Trump Using C-32 (Boeing 757) As Air Force One

President Trump Using C-32 (Boeing 757) As Air Force One


President Donald Trump using C-32A (Boeing 757) as Air Force One arrives at Fort Drum, New York, Aug. 13, 2018. Click here to Subscribe USA Military Channel:

政府専用機のアンドルーズ空軍基地着陸ノーカット映像・安倍首相訪米 (2016/03/30) - Japanese Air Force One US Visit - Joint Base Andrews


Obama landing in helicopter at Ohio University.

Obama's Helicopter fleet as he arrives at Ohio University in Athens,OH. There is a brief glimpse of the president getting out of the helicopter, and you can se

Entire fleet of EVA Boeing 747-400 長榮航空整個波音 客機 747隊

Star Alliance is planning a key step forward in boosting its presence in the fast-growing North Asian aviation market by adding EVA Airways, Taiwan's second lar

Thomson Boeing 757-200 - 2 SPECTACULAR TAKEOFFS from SKIATHOS - ATC Comms - JSI Planespotting!

Enjoy two spectacular takeoffs featuring the biggest aircraft operating now at Skiathos, the Thomson 757s, blasting the spotters behind! ATC communications are

【トランプ大統領が離日】エアフォースワン搭乗から離陸までノーカット (2017/11/07)

2017年11月7日、横田基地から大統領専用機エアフォースワンで離日するトランプ大統領。 USAミリタリーチャンネルのチ


Meet the most expensive private jets in the world. Traveling in these planes is a luxury that only millionaires can afford. -Gulfstream G650ER -Bombardier Glo

Cool president Obama goes out for burgers

01/22/16 update : Trump : "Make America divided again" 11/09/16 update : Amercia,, he has just made it hated again... For those looking for the music : http:/

Two United States Air Force Boeing C-32A departing from Zurich Airport - Great engine sound!!

17.01.2017 - United Stares of America | Boeing C-32A (Boeing 757-200) | 90003 & 90004 ---------- Departing from W apron and takeoff on runways 10 and 16 on a sn

Why don't the wings break?!

2 months of Premium Skillshare!👉 Have you ever been sitting by an Aircraft window and though;Those wings are flexing a lot, I wonder

President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump arrive in Washington, DC. April 1, 2018.

President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump arrive in Washington, DC. April 1, 2018. Joint Base Andrews. President Trump and First Lady Melan

Avianca Boeing 757-200 BOG-LAX (transit stop at MEX)

Flight AV072, Boeing 757-200 with reg EI-CEZ, May 19, 1995

ロシア空軍のIL-76MDが山口宇部空港に大統領専用車を輸送〔到着編〕 Russia Air Force Ilyushin Il-76MD RA-78762 landing at RJDC/UBJ

The Russia Air Force Ilyushin Il-76MD RA-78762 arrived to Yamaguchi-Ube airport, and unloaded presidential state car. ロシア空軍のイリューシン IL-7

U.S. Air Force Boeing C-17 departure at Zurich Airport - insane STOL takeoff!!!

United States Air Force | Boeing C-17A Globemaster III | 06-6167 ---------- Today, a C17 of the USAF brought some freight to Zurich airport for Donald Trump's W

WORLD'S LEADERS' PLANES Compilation - G20 Summit Hamburg 2017

Caught 19 different aircraft bringing their country's leader to Hamburg for the G20 summit 2017! Mighty people with mighty aircraft - everybody knows the Air Fo

AIR FORCE ONE Departs Prestwick Airport July 2018 | USAF Boeing VC25A | President Trump UK Visit

Hi all. During the afternoon of the 15th July 2018, US President Donald Trump departed Prestwick Airport, to Helsinki onboard Air Force One. He is the second US

WTF!! Boeing 757 using the REVERSE GEAR - Skiathos Airport

I have never seen a Boeing 757 using the "reverse gear" before. The 757 was still too fast and tried to vacate the runway via the nearest taxiway but the pilots

Marine One - Presidential Helicopter President Trump's Departure & Arrival to White House Lawn

Marine One - Presidential Helicopter - This is some excellent footage of the President of the United States - Donald Trump flying out of a school in New Hampshi

Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 landing at Knoxville TN TYS

Slo-motion video of President Obama's Air Force One and VP Joe Biden's Air Force two on final approach landing on runway 23R at TYS Knoxville Tennessee's McGee

Climbing like a rocket! Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200 Takeoff from SXM

Enjoy this Delta 757-200 rocketing out of St. Maarten, filmed from Maho Beach. Sorry about the wind noise from the jetblast! Notice that not only does the Co-

G20 Hamburg | ALL Government/Presidential Aircraft Arrivals - Planespotting at Hamburg (2017)

Planespotting G20 Summit in Hamburg 2017 - Almost ALL Presidential Aircraft Arrivals at Hamburg Airport HAM - including: Government of China - Air China 747-400