How to Install a Train Horn

How to Install a Train Horn


In this video I will show you just what all is involved in installing a real train horn into any passenger vehicle or truck. Follow this link to my previous video showing just what all you will need in order to install your horn . In this video I am have installed a Nathan Airchime K3HA in the spare tire well of my vehicle with some of the trunk floor removed to allow the horn sound to come out from under the car. This horn is a real train horn and not one of the cheap chrome horns you find for sale around the internet. If you are paying anything less than $600 for the horn itself, there is a really good chance it is not the real thing. A Nathan Airchime horn can be heard for miles whereas a train horn kit can only be heard a few blocks. I provided air for the system with a Viair 480c 12 volt compressor that fills my reserve tank up to 200 psi. Operating this horn at 200 psi is about 80 more psi than a train puts to these horns, so you can only imagine how insanely loud this thing is! The compressor is controlled by a pressure switch mounted in the air tank. When the pressure drops below 150 psi, the air compressor kicks on and fills the tank to 200 psi before shutting off. The air tank I chose to use is a standard five gallon, 8 port air ride tank. Having 8 ports gives me plenty of extra ports in case I decide to add to my air system later. I used a SMC 12 volt 3/8 valve with 1/2 air line running to the horn itself. When wiring your setup, always use wires the same size as or larger than the components you are hooking up. Also run a properly rated fuse within 8 inches of the battery to prevent any chance of fire. Last thing to do is install your momentary switch to control the valve to release air to your horn. Once that's done, you can hit the roads and enjoy having the loudest horn out of anyone you know. If there is anything I missed or if you have any questions, be sure to let me know in the comment section. I try to respond to everyone as quick as possible. Be sure to check out my train horn scare videos and subscribe for new videos every week. Thanks for watching.

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