The Bach Strad explained - Prozone

The Bach Strad explained - Prozone

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Will Watson of Prozone Music explains the main models of the worlds most popular pro trumpet. Buying a strad can be confusing. Here's the facts to help you purchase the right instrument.

Which is BETTER? Bach Artisan AB190 or Jupiter Roger Ingram trumpet

Jason reviews brand new Bach Artisan and Jupiter Ingram model trumpets in our Denver, Colorado trumpet shop.

The OHMI Trust - Alison Balsom talks about the Trumpet

The OHMI Trust - Alison Balsom talks about the Trumpet

James Morrison's trumpet tutorial: Part 3 Range

"How to play the trumpet", the way James Morrison sees it. This tutorial is also useful for other brass instruments.

Cleaning your Trumpet Valves

Here is our video on how to properly oil and clean your trumpet/piston valves. If you take these steps and clean your valves regularly, you could save yourself

Wayne Bergeron at Prozone Music Trumpetfest 2012 - Rocky

Wayne Bergeron visited Prozone Music in the UK to attend our TRUMPETFEST 2012 event during his UK tour. Wayne gave a fascinating talk to the large number of fan

Bach Stradivarius 25 SN# 58602 (1972) Large Bore .462

From the estate of Robert Symmonds (Denver Symphony) A very fine example of a vintage Bach Stradivarius. Large bore model 25 in lacquer. This horn has a wonder

How to Improve Trumpet Range with one lip slur exercise

How to Improve Trumpet Range This lip slur exercise has helped me improve my high register on trumpet. I was introduced to this trumpet range exercise by my tr

Buying a new trumpet with Teus Nobel & James Dokes

Watch more video lessons at: In this trumpet video lesson James and Teus visit a famous trumpetshop and repair shop in The Hague (The Ne

James Morrison's trumpet tutorial: Part 1 Breathing

"How to play the trumpet", the way James Morrison sees it. This tutorial is also useful for other brass instruments.

Trompette Bach Stradivarius

Histoire de customisation d'une vieille trompette Bach Stradivarius 37ML/25

Sessions At Angel Recording Studios

Trumpets At Angel Recording Studios, Islington, London. 26.03.13. Trumpet Section From Left to Right: Andy Greenwood Simon Gardner (Lead) Craig Wild Pablo Mend

OZWINDS - How To Choose a Trumpet Mouthpiece

Brae Grimes from Melbourne Brass and Woodwind explains the basics of mouthpiece selection. DISCLAIMER: While this information will work for most people, there r

Louis Dowdeswell - O Holy Night - with Wayne Bergeron looking on!

Louis Dowdeswell at Prozone Music - TRUMPETFEST 2012 - Playing Wayne Bergeron's version of O Holy Night. Wayne was standing 2 feet from Louis bell recording the

A Comparison of a Few Bach Strad trumpets

thought I would play a few trumpets side by side: 1980 43star bach strad, 1984 43star bach strad, 2001 43 bach strad, 1961 Mount Vernon bach strad, 1935 NY bach

Bach Stradivarius Trumpet by Jose Hernandez

The new Bach Stradivarius LR19043B, co-designed by Jose Hernandez, showcased at NAMM 2013. For more products, visit Video

Improve your Trumpet Sound! The Basics of BUZZING the Mouthpiece

Want a better sound on your trumpet?? Mr. Walton is back with another great lesson! BUZZING your trumpet mouthpiece is an AWESOME way to get a better sound an

Comparison: Schilke, Bach & Kanstul Bb Trumpets, Part 1 of 2

A fun time comparing a Schilke S42, a Bach Strad 37 and an F Besson Meha by Kanstul. Interestingly, the Schilke is a medium bore horn (.450") the Strad is a ML

Special Effects (Part I) Trumpet Tips & Tricks with Charlie Porter

NYC Trumpeter, Charlie Porter, demonstrates how to use a variety of special effects on the trumpet, including flutter tonguing, shakes, growl, half-valving, gho

Trumpet Bach Stradivarius vs Stomvi Master

Hi Guys, In this video I compare my 1964 Bach Mt. Vernon and my 2017 Stomvi Master. Which one do you like more? ***************************UPDATE**************