Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer

Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer

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Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer at Trails. Surfing at the Bluffs Campground in San Onofre State Park San Clemente / Camp Pendleton in Southern California.

Inquisitive Orca Interacts With & Blows Bubble At Kneeboarder

Filmed out from Tindalls Bay and Big Manly Bay on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Auckland. An inquisitive orca finds a kneeboarder waiting for their tow rope and

Crosswind landings. Dramatic Footage Of Crosswind Landing.

In aviation, a crosswind landing is a landing maneuver in which a significant component of the prevailing wind is perpendicular to the runway center line.

Top 5 LARGEST Rogue Waves

Here's our list of the top five largest rogue waves - caught on video. Rogue waves are a rare phenomenon and videos of rogue waves are rare. They often catch pe

Dozens of Blacktip Reef Sharks Join Feeding Frenzy in The Maldives

Vilamendhoo Maldives has a very nice house reef and the marine life is abundant. You can snorkel with sharks safely. Cool and awesome experience! My video snor

bear sits next to guy

credit to Drew Hammond

Shamu Show Incident Nov. 15 2006

On Nov 15, 2006 one of the killer whales in the Shamu Show at Sea World in San Diego took one of the trainers on an unplanned "ride" under water. This happened

Blue shark stranded after chasing fish

A blue shark stranded on a beach chasing kahawai in Palliser Bay, South Wairarapa, New Zealand, on Easter Sunday, April 2012. It couldn't get itself back into

Huntington Beach - Pier Jump Lifeguards , 5/30/15

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Video: 4K @30fps Software: Adobe Primer Pro CS5

Monster Croc

My encounter with a Monster Salt Water Crocodile named Brutus in Adelaide River Northern Territory. This crocodile is over 100 years old and has only 3 legs.

The Biggest Great White Ever Filmed | Island of the Mega Shark

At over 20 feet long, this massive female great white shark is likely the largest ever filmed - and one of the largest ever seen! From Shark Week 2015's "Isla

Whale visits beachgoers in Laguna Beach 8/8/17

A gray whale showed up inside Dana Point Harbor today and was lost inside for a couple hours, after it exited the harbor, it continued up the coast towards Alas

Researches Were Looking For Years, But Found This By Accident

Some scientific discoveries come about after painstaking, goal-oriented lab work finally yields the result that a researcher is trying to find. But many of th

Former stray sees Wild Dolphins from Boat, Jumps In & Swims Over to them! : Sandy meets the dolphins! I’ve been bringing people to swim with wild dolphins for years, this was the first time I brought a dog.

Orcas playing with swimmer at Hahei Beach, New Zealand (Original)

Merchandise - Copyright Dylan Brayshaw, This footage CANNOT be copied or reproduced without pe

Great White Shark Attacks Kayaker in Monterey Bay, California

Gene Mace captured the moment a kayaker was attacked by a great white shark in Monterey Bay, California, on March 18.Gene Mace and his wife were out in Monterey

Surprise while Bluegill fishing

TEAHUPOO - Biggest and Craziest

If you had the chance to get a free trip, all included to Tahiti, but you would have to surf, at least one wave at teahupoo, would you go for it? This is how bi

Wild Whale Rushes To Save Diver From Giant Shark

source / Marine biologist Nan Hauser has been diving with wild whales for the past 28 years — but it wasn’t until recently that she

Sharks Love To Be Petted - They're Like Dogs

Music: "There She Is" by Dhruva Aliman (links below) ...“Love” and “affection” are terms not commonly used to describe encounters with large sharks, but