Arabic Instrumental Music - Oud - (Hazem shaheen)

Arabic Instrumental Music - Oud - (Hazem shaheen)


-Arabic Instrumental Music - OUD : -Andalusian Music : -The Beauty of Qanun : -The Beauty Of The Arabic instrumental Music-OUD: -Instrumental Music for moroccan weeding and ceremonies .....As known as CHAABI : -Traditional Moroccan Music - Gnawa Music: For more arabic instrumental music , check this playlist : Hazem Shaheen, is an Egyptian musician born in Alexandria, he graduated in 1999 from "The Higher Institute for Arabic Music" with a grade of Excellent with honours. He is also one of the first graduates of "The Arabic Oud House", founded by Nasseer Shamma, in 2002. Hazem was awarded 1st prize as "The Best Oud Player in the Arab World" in the International Oud Competition in Beirut sponsored by the Catholic University in 2002. He is a leading and founding member of the band "Eskenderella" which performs Egyptian Heritage music of Sayed Darweesh and El Sheikh Emam, as well as their own songs, which are composed by Hazem and written by various Egyptian poets like Fouad Haddad, Naguib Shehab El din, Amin Haddad and Ahmed Haddad. Hazem has worked as a Oud teacher at "The Arabic Oud House" for 5 years, then he went to The Cairo Opera House where he currently works as a teacher of Oud. Hazem has published his first music album "Al 'Aysh Wal Malh" in 2006 with "Masar" band and has recently published his first solo album, "Things That I Miss" or "Hagat Wahshany" in 2009. We share with you the beautiful album of this man ... "Things That I Miss" Playlist: -The Horse Of Darwish. -Things That I Miss. -Adolescence. -Nahawand improvisation. -Problem. -Taqasim rast We hope that you love it -------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos check our channel and subscrib

Arabic Spanish Music ~ Andalucia Nights

Beautiful Mix of Arabic Spanish Music

عاشق العود - مشوار مع الموسيقى الشرقية

Please watch: النغم الخالد - تحية لزمن الفن الجميل -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- 1- عنابي 2-

Ud Taksimleri - The Art Of Ud-Ruşen Yılmaz

Özmüzik tarafından yayınlanan sanatçımız Ruşen Yılmaz tarafından yorumlanan Ud Taksimleri isimli albümü youtube dinleyenlerinin beğenisine sunuyoru

عود مريح للاعصاب علا البشاري Alla

عود مريح للاعصاب علا البشاري Alla

عزف من عالم آخر للمبدع نزيه أبو الريش تقاسيم عود أنيقة جدا nazih abou rich

فيديوهات رائعة للعود : تقاسيم نادرة للأستاذ الفنّان سعيد الشرايبي رحمه الله https://linksoflife

Mustofa - Yu Akhiduni Gambus Balasyik (Official Music Video)

Album : Gambus Jalsah Artis : Mustofa Lagu ; Yu Akhiduni Produksi : Sandi Records Website :

الزمن الجميل .. الف ليلة وليلة

آ. أرسلان محمد رشدى .. كمان أ. عبد الفضيل محمد .. شيللو أ. رزق حسنى .. قانون أ. اسماعيل حسنى .

720 Sentimental Turkish Music موسيقى رومنسية تركية ولا اروع YouTube

YouTube ولا اروع 720 Sentimental Turkish Music موسيقى رومنسية تركية ولا اروع YouTube

Munir Bashir - Iraqi Maqams (Mesopotamia)

Album: Mesopotamia Artist: Munir Bashir A great album from a great master. This album contains some of Munir Bashir's late improvisations as well as some songs

Oum Kalthoum" Dikrayat " Nasser Houari oud ناصر الهواري عود.wmv Nasser Houari oud luthiste marocain extrait du CD3 Dikrayat , compilation de chansons d"Oum kalthoum ناصر الهواري عود www.nas

Armenian Oud Music Ara Dinkjian NON-STOP PART1

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Arabic &Turkish Oriental Pearls Musica

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Quieter Than Silence | Full Concert | Mehdi Aminian & Mohamad Zatari

Quieter Than Silence November 2017 tour & Album launching Mehdi Aminian & Mohamad Zatari November 11 2017 Mehdi Aminian: Ney, Setar, Vocals (Iran) Mohamad Za

Relaxing arabic music -oud and violin- part 1

The best of instrumental Arabian Music . oud and violin... For more videos.... check our channel :) ------------------------------------------------------ Part

A beautiful oriental music- Instrumental music - Zither- موسيقى عربية على الة القانون

-Arabic Instrumental Music - OUD : -Andalusian Music : -The Beauty of Qanun : -The B


Luth master Alla is a pleasure for you ears. A mysterious musician from Taghit in western Algeria that hardly performs in public.

Naseer Shamma - Master of Oud

Musique, Oud, Irak, Baghdad, Orient, Arabe, Instruments

Voices of The Night (BEAUTIFUL CHILLOUT MIX) يا ليـــــل

Chillout Mix Photo taken by Karim Taib Courtyard of Bin Yousef Medersa in Marrakech, Morocco.