Installing air horns (Turning a Beep Beeb into a HOOOONK!)

Installing air horns (Turning a Beep Beeb into a HOOOONK!)


I got cut off one too many times and decided to take action. As I told a buddy of mine, many times, "Folks 'round here can't merge." They have no concept of what that word even means. So as they like to come over on me, I can now let them know that I am there in no uncertain terms. This is almost a real time installation of the horns with only one major edit for time. Putting in the compressor. It was in such a tight place that I am sure the video of the back of my head while I was making grunting sounds was not good cinematography. But for the most part it is all real time.

INSTALLING a TRAIN HORN on My CAR fast (Really loud)

Music: Ryan Celcisus sounds track: trapping in Japan heres the link for the train horn price went up to 98

the automotive RELAY explained... when you need it and why DIY

just an idea on how to understand the automotive RELAY thanks for watching

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Installing a Viair 10007 on-board air compressor and tank with train horn Viair Compressor and Tank kit:

Vehicle HORN Comparison

Tour Taiwan with me: Private Channel: My Facebook: Support M13 bu

Acura integra coaler systems air train horn install

air horn install on the integra

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