Huawei, 5G and Wearables Take Center Stage at MWC Barcelona

Huawei, 5G and Wearables Take Center Stage at MWC Barcelona

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Feb.26 -- Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports on the big news coming out of the mobile industry's biggest show. He speaks with Bloomberg's Shery Ahn and Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."


Why Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Scares Countries Like the U.S.

Feb.21 -- Huawei has been rocked by political and legal turmoil at a time when it also happens to be poised to build the worldwide 5G revolution. Is the timing

What you need to know about 5G

CNET senior producer Dan Patterson joins CBSN to explain 5G, the next generation of faster wireless technology, and how it will enable a vast expansion of conne

5G實力遙遙領先全球!美國發動"圍剿" 盟友離不開華為技術出現分歧倒戈|主播 王志郁|【大世界新聞】20181227|三立iNEWS

➲ iNEWS 最正新聞直播 ➲ 訂閱 iNEWS 最正新聞台 ➲ 推特 ➲ 即時熱點

Huawei’s Founder Speaks To BBC

Our company’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, spoke to a journalist from the BBC at Huawei’s headquarters. He patiently answered questions after questions, setting t

Huawei Mate X hands-on: It completely changed our minds

In the back of a pizzeria somewhere in the beautiful city of Barcelona, we got to spend some quality time with one of the most radical, revolutionary smartphone

5G Tele-Operated Driving with Huawei

You don't have to be in the car to drive, change lanes or break with Huawei's 5G tele-operated driving technology. Watch our video for more.

What the Departure of CEO Dion Weisler Means for HP

Aug.22 -- Dan Morgan, Synovus Trust senior portfolio manager, and Bloomberg's Ian King react to the departure of HP Inc. Chief Executive Officer Dion Weisler an

A rare look inside Chinese smartphone giant, Huawei's headquarters | CNBC Reports

Huawei is the world's third-largest smartphone maker and it has the headquarters to match. CNBC's Uptin Saiidi visited the Chinese tech giant's massive Shenzhen

Loup's Munster Sees Low Probability of Direct Tariffs on Apple Products

Aug.23 -- Gene Munster, Loup Ventures managing partner, and Bloomberg's Ian King discuss the impact of the escalating China-U.S. trade war on the tech industry.

VMware Will Profit From Carbon Black and Pivotal Acquisitions, CEO Says

Aug.23 -- Pat Gelsinger, VMware Inc. chief executive officer, discusses the company's agreement to purchase two software companies, Carbon Black Inc. and Pivota

越打壓越強悍?華為摺疊機超車三星? 搶5G話語權!華為下一步劍指高通?|非凡新聞|20190225

MWC世界行動通訊大會全球大廠百家爭鳴,華為也發表旗下最新摺疊手機,緊接在三星上周發表Galaxy Fold之後,華為展現出

Huawei and U.S. in War of Words Over Network Security

Feb.26 -- Huawei’s rotating Chairman Guo Ping delivered what might have been his boldest defense yet to U.S. accusations that the Shenzhen-based company’s

李嘉誠破壞了特朗普圍剿華為鴻圖大計, 特朗普又一次栽在香港地産霸權手上!! (鄭經翰 - 大班人語)

李嘉誠破壞了特朗普圍剿華為的鴻圖大計, 特朗普又一次栽在香港地産霸權手上!! (鄭經翰 - 大班人語) #李嘉誠 #特朗普 #

Excluding Huawei from 5G networks could slow innovation, EE CEO says | Mobile World Congress

Marc Allera, CEO of British telecoms firm EE, discusses the market for foldable smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

How the U.S. is Lagging in Global 5G Race

Aug.17 -- Jeff Shealy, chief executive officer at Akoustis Technologies discusses the rollout of 5G wireless technology in the U.S. and China with Bloomberg's E

Why Amazon Is Building Its Largest Campus in India

Aug.21 -- Inc. today opened its largest campus building globally in the south Indian city of Hyderabad as it prepares for a furious expansion and bat

Telefonica CEO Sees `No Proof of Any Wrongdoing' by Huawei

Feb.25 -- Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete, chief executive officer of Telefonica SA, discusses Huawei Technologies Co.'s role in Europe's 5G infrastructure as the re

How Big is Huawei? (Sells More Phones Than Apple)

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🇨🇳 🇺🇸 Why is Huawei so controversial? | Inside Story

For China, Huawei is a source of national pride: it's written into the company's name. However, for the U-S and many western nations, the tech giant is a spyin

Huawei founder: "5G is not an atomic bomb"

Chinese tech giant, Huawei, has been at the forefront of 5G – the latest generation of mobile technology that's faster, smarter and more powerful than today's