Frozen Elsa SAVES Sammie from Maleficent!

Frozen Elsa SAVES Sammie from Maleficent!

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Sneaky Maleficent gives sammie a doggie treat, but shortly after locks the poor puppy in jail. Sammie remains locked in until Elsa saves the day. But there's a surprise ending & it doesn't look good for Elsa. Watch to see what happens! We hope you enjoyed this video guys. Be sure to hit that subscribe button and leave us a like :) Thanks for watching! Watch Last Weeks Video: Sammie vs Chub Suit Man: Subscribe: Sammie's Instagram:

Elsa, Maleficent, Wicked Witch, Kate & Lilly: Baby Doll Collection!!

MAGIC PLAY TIME! Elsa, Maleficent and the twins, Kate and Lilly, take care of the BABY DOLLS! The Wicked Witch tries to ruin everything! We hope you enjoy this

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Kinderlieder und lernen Farben lernen Farben Baby spielen Spielzeug Entertainment Kinderreime # 751

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LOCKED UP again!! Elsa sends Maleficent to JAIL for waking up the BABIES!

MAGIC PLAY TIME! Kate & Lilly try to put the baby dolls down for naps, but Maleficent keeps causing a ruckus! Kate goes SHOPPING at the STORE to get more milk.

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