Review of Harbor Freight 63155 Articulating TV Wall Mount

Review of Harbor Freight 63155 Articulating TV Wall Mount

In this video I review and install a Harbor Freight articulating TV Wall Mount. Item 63155.

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In today's video I install and review this $25 TV wall mount from Amazon. This wall mount allows for 32" to 55" TVs up to 88 lb. The mount is the VideoSecu ML53

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Very useful information to consider before you buy a full motion TV arm bracket when wall mounting your TV.

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ORDER HERE: Subscribe to our channel: At Monoprice, we'll help you pick the perfect wall mount for you! There are 3

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2 ways how to hang TV on wall mounts into studs and drywall review, locking wall mount here- and toggler toggle bolts-

Review on Harbor Freight's Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

I picked this up the other day to mount my Youth group's 55" TV. I am very pleased with it. Did you enjoy the video? Would you like to see more content? Well t

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SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS A recent study found that 70% of people who would like to wall mount their TV, don't up end doing it

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Disclamer: To avoid potential personal injury or property damage: 1. Make sure the logo on the wall plate is upward as the picture shows. 2. The wall must be c

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EASY WAY HOW TO HANG TV ON WALL MOUNT REVIEW In studs and drywall, How to find stud in wall using studfinder, TV installer video tutorial Samsung LED Plasma Fla

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