US and China Fight for Supremacy in 5G Technology

US and China Fight for Supremacy in 5G Technology

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Many experts predict that the emerging 5G wireless technology will revolutionize the world's economy. They say it holds the key to a smarter, more efficient, more connected and much wealthier world. But a recent congressional report outlines how China plans to use the transition to 5G and its access to billions of networked electronic devices for intelligence-gathering, sabotage and business deals. As VOA's Jela de Franceschi reports, China's aim is to put an end to US high-tech pre-eminence. Originally published at -

02/11/2019: Race for 5G / China-U.S. trade talks

Hi-tech rivalry over 5G: Who's likely to end up the big winner and loser in the race? What'll likely come out of ongoing trade consultations between China and

華為5G技術強到連美國都害怕 弱點竟被非洲小國發現了?- 邱敏寬《夢想街之全能事務所》精華篇 網路獨播版

拉盟結友全面圍堵!抵制華為5G光美國還不夠 川普怕什麼?華為5G技術強到連美國都害怕 「三大關鍵」讓你不得不佩服!

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美中貿易戰新戰場?美為搶5G技術主導權 逮捕華為公主孟晚舟當談判籌碼?|主播 王志郁|【大世界新聞】20181206|三立iNEWS

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President Trump tweeted this morning that he wants to see 5G technology in the U.S., but he wants it to come from American companies, not China. "CBS This Morni

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The Financial Chief of Huawei was detained in Canada at the request of the United States. It's been called the crown jewel of the Chinese technology industry,

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Imagine playing a co-op shooter like Fortnite Battle Royale or PUB-G on a VR headset… in real-time, with zero lag… all through your phone, while travelling

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At Huawei’s first press conference after the arrest of its CFO Meng Wanzhou, Ken Hu, the Rotating Chairmen Ken Hu expressed confidence in its business growth