Air horns turned into true train horns!

Air horns turned into true train horns!


Cheap air horns modified and made into true sounding train horns! Please forgive my kuntry slang/accent and my verbal pauses as I made this video on the fly and did not plan what I was going to say. It is a long video without much view of the actual modification, but I tried to explain what I did to make the modification. There is a point in this video where I bark/sound off the horns, but one cannot get the true hearing experience through the video.. Trust me, these horns now sound supper awesome in person! I hope you enjoy!

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Finished PVC K5LA train horns

Once again, thanks Mr. Meade for the help during this project. Go check out Dozerboymiller's decibel test of the PVC vs. real K5LLA horns.



homemade pvc train horns part 2

pvc train horns

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Music: Ryan Celcisus sounds track: trapping in Japan heres the link for the train horn price went up to 98

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Link to air horn kit-

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