Business plan for salons - Build your clientele 5x faster!

Business plan for salons - Build your clientele 5x faster!

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Get lifetime access to Salon Marketing University at: 3 years to build a clientele they say? come on! That is way too long, right? But that is the harsh truth, and why 80% of salon owners and stylists quit within 18 months. I want to help you succeed, and succeed quickly so you don't become a salon death statistic. Here are some practical marketing tools that will help get your business plan off the ground. 1:07 You need a strong business plan before you start your business. Most stylists out of beauty school can't afford that much time to finally support themselves. This is a major problem...but it doesn't have to be that way. Beauty schools need to teach digital marketing techniques to make their graduates competitive in their town doing what they love. This is not happening, and that is why I created Salon Marketing University. In this video, you will learn 6 valuable digital marketing tools that you can begin using in your salon today, and form into a salon business plan! 5:54 In a nutshell, you need a website, and proven ways to drive traffic to your website. Your salon website is the place that will display who you are, what you are, and why you are going to make the potential clients life better! A big part of my salon marketing funnel is through search engine optimization where you rank high in Google search and clients find you. In addition, your website needs to have online scheduling capabilities. If you don't have your phone number and online scheduling link available right when the user loads your site, you are missing out on a ton of new clients. Your website allows you to automate the scheduling and confirmation process which can save you hours doing the things that actually make you money! 13:32 In your salon business plan, if it doesn't make money, don't waste your time doing it! We like Rosy Salon Software. You can get a free 30 day trial at: The next tool is optimizing your website. Your website could be the most beautiful design, but if no one can find it in Google search, you aren't going to get new appointments from your website...and that is the whole point. So you need to optimize your website to get that organic traffic that will convert visitors into first time hair clients. 14:52 Next is your Google My Business listing. This is a free listing that will also appear organically in Google search if it is optimized properly. So if you can take up this second position on the front page of local search, you are going to be one of three salons that are getting all the new clients. This listing lets you post pictures, has all your business information, and is the place where your clients can post reviews. Positive salon reviews are gold for getting new hair clients. I can't tell you how many times new clients have told us they called because of all our awesome reviews. 17:06 Next, is my favorite: video! You can do so much valuable salon promotion using video. Your salon video is what will build trust with your client because they are able to preview their experience with you before they ever enter the salon. 19:28 If you consistently create new video content for your salon, you can use Facebook ads to put those videos in front of a highly targeted audience in your city. You can see that these techniques will help your salon have a really strong presence where your clients are: on the internet! Every salon business plan should include internet advertising for client acquisition. 22:14 Finally, once you get that first time client, the way you are going to build your clientele quickly is by pre-booking that second appointment before they leave the salon. You will have a full clientele within 6 months if you are able to get 10 new clients per week, and have at least a 40% return rate. I am really excited about this training, and hope you learned a lot about making a salon business plan to grow your clientele 5x faster than you would on your own. Be sure to visit, and if you subscribe to the membership, you will learn a ton about promoting your salon in such a way where you are getting new clients ever day. Watch more of my videos to help develop your salon business plan: Subscribe to my Salon Marketing Channel: Business plan for salons


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