How To Create A Breaking News Style Video - Blender Video Editing Tutorial

How To Create A Breaking News Style Video - Blender Video Editing Tutorial


In this Blender video editing tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to create a cool CNN-style Breaking News video effect for your videos! You will learn how to create Breaking News elements and how to overlay them over your video. You will also learn how to animate those elements. Finally, we briefly look at adding a PiP effect to make the News effect more believable. Watch the short film this video is based on: Learn how to create a cool logo intro video here: Please subscribe if you want to see more tutorials like this!

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Trying to go through everything... Write in the comments what I missed. FINAL MOVIE ( not the one I edit here ) :

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New Video Render Options in Blender 2.79 :)

We now have Constant Quality rendering :) Find the latest RC at the following link: Here is a link to my video on speeding