Genetics / Ethnicity of Ukrainians (Українці)

Genetics / Ethnicity of Ukrainians (Українці)

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Concerning some races and peoples the science has many thousands of measurements at its command, while other races and peoples are known from very few measurements. For this reason the science of anthropology is still a long way removed from an exact knowledge and perfect description of different races and peoples. The great civilized peoples of the earth are all of them more or less heterogeneous peoples, and show no uniform anthropological type. This is true especially of the Western and Central European cultured peoples: French, English, Spanish, Italians, even Germans. Continued commixtures, which can certainly be proved historically, have entirely eradicated the original anthropological characteristics of these civilized nations. According to some investigations, Ukrainians, too, are anthropologically a mixed race, just as the other nations of Europe. But the formation of this mixed race took place in a somewhat distant past and later admixtures have been too insignificant to visibly change the original racial type of Ukrainians. However, if a nation can be declared beautiful, then it's certainly: Ukrainians. Українці - Етнічна приналежність і генетика.

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the ukrainians-cherez richku, cherez hai

cherez richku, cherez hai

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This video is based on original science study: All your comments sen to my private message *Bosniak

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