My Little Wolf 🐺|Gacha Life|Valentines Day Special❤️|Sombra Arif

My Little Wolf 🐺|Gacha Life|Valentines Day Special❤️|Sombra Arif

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My Little Wolf 🐺 |Gacha Life|Valentines Day Special❤️|Sombra Arif This Is A Story About Two Wolves Falling In Love With Each Other ❤️🐺 Please Donate For Future Uploads 😊💜 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Girl (Darya) Was Trying To Run Away From Two Vampires Anthony (Boss) And Koki. The Alpha (Lucas) Attack’s The Two Vampires But Didn’t Notice Darya But As He Did He Ran To Her And Said In His Head “ She’s Cute” And Said To His Head Again “ Stop That!” Lucas Finds Out That Darya Is Hurt So He Try’s To Take Her Somewhere Safe Lucas Held Darya In His Back And Ran As Fast As He Could. He Heard Anthony Shouting “WHERE IS THE ALPHA!?!” Lucas Started Running Even Faster, He Found A Cave And Would Stay There For The Night. Lucas Started Looking At The Moon And Fell Asleep, As Darya Woke Up She Looked At Lucas And Started Screaming! Lucas Shouted As He Just Woke Up But It Was Nothing. Lucas Was Heading To School And Darya Wanted To Come Too! The Went To Lucas’s School (Gacha Wolf Academy) Lucas Was Heading To His Class And Darya Didn’t Know Where To Go. A Girl Shouted The Principal’s Daughter (Abigail) Abigail Thought Lucas Was Dating Her But Wasn’t She Saw Darya And Said “WHO. IS. SHE!?” Lucas Replied “ My Friend” Abigail Walked Away And Said “Whatever” Darya Said “ Who Is She?” Lucas Explained. Then He Got To The Part Talking About His Sister, Darya Cuted Him Off But She Was Too Short, Darya Got A Chair And.... You’ll See! Hope You Have A Wonderful Valentines Day With Your Loved One’s❤️❤️❤️ 🎵 Songs🎵 The Chainsmokers~Sick Boy (Onedou Remix) Selena Gomez & Marshmello~Wolves NCS~HAY Shout Out:

The alpha hybrid who fell in love with a human// GLMM\\

now time to work on BBBG UwU Don’t ask how many photos I took :v

The Hated Child becomes a Princess

The Legend Of The Seven Tail Fox ~ Gacha Life ~ Mini Movie

Hello! My first video and first gacha life mini movie! Hoped you liked it, some timings are not accurate. THE AUDIO DOES NOT BELONG TO ME, IT BELONGS TO THE RI

The Gang Leaders Girlfriend (glmm)


BOSSY Bad Boy ll Part 1

Hey,Everyone.. I have tried my best to finish it in one day only..cuz I only have one day to see you guys Hope you guys ENJOY Our Life:

『I love you, but you don’t love me』||Mini Movie||By Kpop Gacha 존경|| read desc!!!

❀ e d i t : ❀ OK SO...some of you were commenting: oh I don’t like the ending/Lance should die/Amanda shouldn’t have forgiven him ITS OK but you need to

A Cat In A All Wolf School- Episode 1~

This took me a while but it’s here! I know it’s short I’ll try to make it longer next time. But I only have a certain time to make these cause of school :

Life With 3 Brothers (Gachaverse)

Hey guys thx for watching this vid!! Be sure to click the subscribe button and Adios Amigos!! 😋

In love with a cute gangster [ArticCat] //Gacha Life

This is my first gacha story! Edit (31-03-2019) this glmm is original by Haylie_playz, while i was making this, i wasn’t thinking about the consequences.. s

Vampires Pet || S1 Ep1 || gacha life

Next ep should come out tomorrow Gangsters ep should too HOPE YOU ENJOY!!! MUSIC IN VID IS NOT MINE music is youth child in nightcore and idk the other one ;-;

A hybrid and a celebrity (love story) //GLMM

Sorry for not uploading in a long time! I am working on ep. 5 of he’s different!!! Do you guys like my gacha life mini movies? Comment down below!!! Join my

Born with the wolves 🐺 || Episode 1 || Gachalife

Girl in vampire all boy school

❄《Met You In the Snow || Gacha Life || Mini Movie || (Love Story)》❄

Sorry If The Mini Movie is So Cringy Cuz this is my old mini movie i forgot to post it UwU

|The Criminal fell in love|GLMM|~jellyace gacha~

Hey guys!! Thanks so much for supporting my decision see, I didn't like being gacha uni anymore so I changed I hope you like this mini movie!! Credits to the r

The only werewolf.. | Gachaverse Mini Movie

This is a mini movie about a girl who was born different... She was born as a werewolf. This is my first Mimi movie son in really sorry its short.. I tried to