Dealing with Mr.Bad boy| episode 1| Gacha life 🖤 series 🖤

Dealing with Mr.Bad boy| episode 1| Gacha life 🖤 series 🖤

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"This Girl is Mine!" || Original GLMM || 1st Version/Mason's Ending

OML, IM FINALLY DONE. Thanks so much for 2K subs guys! I love ya'll soooo much. I really appreciate your support throughout my channel. Here's my 2K special vid

🖤Am I Really Your Twin..?🖤**GLMM

Audio 1: Audio 2: Audio 3: Audio 4: Audio 5:

The Gangster’s Daughter GLMM

This took 4ever to make! But it was worth it. The gay love series will be out in maybe 3-4 days not promising. Thanks for watching. Like and Subscribe

My senior change my life II GLMM II GLS II SHIP TIME :3 II *read desc :3

Heyyyy guys im sorry its been 2 month im not upload some video i really really miss you guys and tysm for always make me spirit i love you guys soo much i wish

The Hated Child Who Became Famous GLMM

Hope you enjoyed! Sorry that the music was kind of eh in this video. Credits: ——————— Apps: PicsArt, Gacha Life, IMovie Music: Song #1: Thun

Living With Boys | GLMM | *Read disc*

#GachaLogic Hello! Sorry for not posting recently im kinda busy now but still im gonna post! :) Oh and also this is the very first GLMM

A Love Story | GLMM

this is trash but oh well enjoy m’ladies dx ♥️9♥️ lol subscribers! YEET. I do NOT own any music in this videooooo (hopefully I don’t get copyright

The Mute Mind Reader - Gacha Life Mini Movie - Please read the desc if you are confused!

#KotouraForever Story: There is a girl named Haruka. She is a mind reader. Sometimes, her powers can get out of hand. But when she revealed how the mom and dad

The First Day Of School! ||♡ ᴍʏ ʙᴀᴅ ʙᴏʏ ᴄᴏᴍʀᴀᴅᴇ [EPISODE 1] - GACHA LIFE SERIES

Heyyo! I hope you guys find the first Episode interesting and are asking for more! I put so much effort so I hope you guys like it! :D I hope you all enjoy th

• The Girl Who Doesn't Care • GLMM

Hey Guys, Sorry I haven't post, I was so busy, and my subscribers went down now ☹️. So, here's is it! Well, my roblox account named ItsMeKatie312 got hacke

My Boyfriends Brother (GLMM) - Gacha Life Mini Movie

I do not own the music! But yea tysm for watching. This took an entire month sadly xD hope you enjoy!

Ms.Popular and The bad boy Ep.1///READ THE DESCRIPTION

Music BTS- Save music box BTS- For you music box ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// All of you guys are asking

‘Inseparable’ | GLMM | Original

I hope you enjoy this GLMM, I know some scenes in this video are for 12-13+ users only, And there are some not accurate English spelling, But I tried to make th

A Dangerously Cute Wolf! - GLMM *(Gacha Life Mini Movie.)*

A Dangerously Cute Wolf is a Gacha Life Mini Movie that took 619+ screenshots, and I had spent over 3 days making. I own none of the music in this video at all

When The Girls Are Drunk | Gacha Life (1k+ Subs Special) Ft. Many People

Warning: This includes kissing ;-; Thank you so much for 1k+ subscribers I love you all uwu here, take meh cookies *Gives you cookies* uwu Subscribe to my Frie