Apple Engineer Talks about the new iPhone 7 [ORIGINAL]

Apple Engineer Talks about the new iPhone 7 [ORIGINAL]

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The now famous Apple engineer returns for another interview and details the processes that resulted in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. He also provides his thoughts on the decision to remove the headphone jack and why it was removed by both designers and engineers on the iPhone 7 team. Check out the first interview about the new MacBook and please support that channel: Original Source:

اخيراً الترجمة الصحيحة لما قاله الرجل الاسباني (Risitas) خلال مقابلته الشهيرة.

العمل من انتاج Radio Television de Andalucia Channel انتشرت مقاطع على اليوتيوب عدة تدعي ترجمة هذا المقطع

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