MY ALPHA - A Love Story *GLMM*

MY ALPHA - A Love Story *GLMM*

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Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this Gacha Love Story. I worked very hard on it and I hope u like it. please leave any comments on the video if there's anything you liked or didn't like. This is a story between an Alpha and a girl. Made with love, Mira Nutella

In Love With The Alpha | GLMM |

Oh.My.God. This took forever to make!! All of this Movie was made by me. Wanna know how many pics I took? 300 and something over 330 pics. Is this the end for C

Living With Boys | GLMM | *Read disc*

#GachaLogic Hello! Sorry for not posting recently im kinda busy now but still im gonna post! :) Oh and also this is the very first GLMM

Little Ms. Bad girl || GLMM ||


Who says cats and Dogs can’t be together?(First GLMM) Kinda inspired by: Gamerichu

I’m so sorry I post so late guys :( Music:First date,river,little do you know,Time flies,Pretty girl, The way (Zack Hemsey),Legends never die,2 hours of beaut

My Hybrid Boyfriend • GLMM

Hey guys hope you enjoyed !!

•Better with you• [ GlMM ]

Heyya this what you want right? I made a gacha short movie english sub Hope you guys enjoy!!!

A Bad Boy With a Heart - Ep #1 "Introduction"

In this episode, murfie goes to a new High School with her friend Eve. She meets new people including Sean, Tiffany, Angel, and Kai! She learns information abou

The hated child | GLMM | Sad story |

Hi im so sorry for my bad english :( 8:25 _ *Betray* 0:39 _ *Pretty* 1:33 _ *Horrible coocker* 2:53 _ *Than* 4:10 _ *911* --------------------------------------

Not An Ordinary Love Story/GachaLife MiniMovie/Itz Amanda

"'s Not An Ordinary Love Story.." It's my first video. Sorry if there is/are grammatical errors😅🤣 No Songs While Movie is playing! I'm sorry! I

Destined Together || gacha life || S1 E1|| *original *

I honestly didn't know what I was doing, while creating this, hehe. I was bored, ok? Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for more gacha life entertainment by me :D T

The Phsyco Family||GLMM

I hope you enjoy this mini movie it took only 2 weeks unlike the other one that took 2 months anyway enjoy that video

°My Kind And Flirty Tutor° ||GLMM||

If you guys wanted to know where is Tiffany's Dad, welp Tiffany was raised on her mother but sadly Tiffany turned to 8 y.o. Her father passed out and of course

A Hybrid and a Celebrity (Love Story) // GLMM // GachaLife

Sorry for not uploading in a long time! I am working on ep. 5 of he’s different!!! Do you guys like my gacha life mini movies? This is A Hybrid and a Celebri

A Love Story | GLMM

this is trash but oh well enjoy m’ladies dx ♥️9♥️ lol subscribers! YEET. I do NOT own any music in this videooooo (hopefully I don’t get copyright

One Girl one Gangster~ Mini movie (Read pinned comment)

Hope you all enjoy

Is This Love? | GLMM | 26k Special

Sorry for no good music, no intro, and no outro... I was so focused on getting this Mini Movie done, that I forgot a lot of stuff, BUT ITS HERE FINALLY! If you