Gary Johnson loses his cool when pressed on his disputed tax policy | US Elections 2016

Gary Johnson loses his cool when pressed on his disputed tax policy | US Elections 2016

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The Libertarian presidential candidate’s national poll numbers have plummeted since August, despite Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump having exceptionally low favorability ratings. Subscribe to The Guardian ► In a tense interview with Paul Lewis, Johnson said he ‘didn’t want to argue’ about the logistics of his tax policy and tried to change the subject to marijuana legalization. The Guardian ► Suggested videos: Desert Fire ► Generation 'Meh': Anywhere but Washington ► 6x9: experience solitary confinement ► Gun Nation ► We Walk Together ► The last job on Earth ► Patrick Stewart: the ECHR and us ► The epic journey of a refugee cat ► Guardian playlists: Guardian Bertha Documentaries ► In my opinion ► Owen Jones meets ► US elections 2016 ► Guardian Animations & Explanations ► Guardian Investigations ► The Guardian's YouTube channels: Owen Jones talks ► Guardian Football ► Guardian Science and Tech ► Guardian Culture ► Guardian Wires ►

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